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About the Pacific WildLife Foundation

About the Pacific WildLife Foundation

The Pacific WildLife Foundation is a not-for-profit coastal and marine research and education society with charitable status registered in Canada, based in Vancouver, B.C.


Meet the People behind the PWLF

The People of the Pacific WildLife Foundation

Meet the scientists, educators, filmmakers and media team behind the PWLF.

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December 2014 Watch our video at Mitlenatch Island Nature Park in partnership with BC Parks.


Butler, R.W., R. MacVicar and R. Foster. 2011. Attempts to restore eelgrass (Zostera marina) in Port Moody Inlet, British Columbia. Pacific WildLife Foundation Technical Report 1, Port Moody, B.C. 


October 2014 - The 22nd Marine Mammal Symposium will be held in November at the University of British Columbia Fisheries Centre. Pacific WildLife is pleased to be one the sponsors of this annual event. To register and learn more go to the Fisheries Centre web site.


September 2014 - The International Ornithological Congress will convene in Vancouver in 2018. The Congress meets every four years and Pacific WildLife Foundation is pleased to be a supporting organization for this important conference.

July 2014 - Laced with sufficient hyperbole to entertain without enhancing the facts,
"Tales from The Underbrush" recounts the frequently stumbling, bumbling but
never boring adventures of a young geologist in the wilds of Northern Canada
and South America during the mid-20th century. The author, Ian Semple, is a
Director and Secretary-Treasurer of Pacific WildLife Foundation.
The book can be purchased online here.

June 2014 - Read PWLF Fellow Andrew Trites Huffington Post article about humpback whale science. 


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