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We are always looking for imaginative ways to portray marine conservation and science. If you have a particular skill that you think might assist us, we would be pleased to speak with you. Donations come in a variety of forms such as high quality photographs and video of marine life, surprises such as the students who collected coins during Earth Day, anonymous people who apply for funding for us, or the individuals who have included the Pacific WildLife Foundation in their wills.

You can donate on our secure online site or by mailing your donation to our office. The Pacific WildLife Foundation is a not-for-profit federally registered charity in Canada. Please let us know if you want a tax receipt for your donation. Please contact us at contact @ pwlf.org if you require more information.

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Our office mailing address is:

The Pacific WildLife Foundation, Reed Point Marina, 850 Barnet Highway, Port Moody, British Columbia V3H 1V6, Canada.



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