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The Pacific WildLife Foundation is a non-profit coastal and marine research and education society  that inspires an appreciation for objective scientific research and conservation of the ocean. We conduct original research, develop novel education programs, and inspire an appreciation for conservation of the ocean. 

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Pacific WildLife Foundation Director Dr.Robert Butler

“The high tide had pushed a large flock close to the marsh edge, and their twittering calls periodically erupted in a din of chirps as flocks rose from the beach. Some flocks began to form into long lines in the air and climb higher in the sky. I followed with my binoculars their silhouetted shapes against the reddening sky until the dots became specks and the specks merged with the sky. Their next stop would be the Copper River delta. In my imagination, I flew with them.” – The Jade Coast


Rob Butler is a senior research scientist with the Canadian government and an adjunct professor of biological sciences at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. Dr. Butler’s research has been reported on national science radio programs, featured on television and in magazines. He has served on the executive of scientific societies and has received several awards for his research and conservation work.            

 Dr. Butler’s specialty is ornithology where he is recognized as an authority on the ecology of herons and shorebirds. He has written many scholarly publications and authored several books for over 30 years. His advice is sought internationally by foreign governments and non-government organizations for issues such as avian influenza, international designations for important habitats, pollution clean up, and development proposals. 

Dr. Butler earned his doctoral degree from the University of British Columbia and he lives in New Westminster overlooking the Fraser River.

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